To be or not to be…not to be is…

To be or not to be … not to be is the definite answer   Well, that’s what seems to be willed to be. As I spent the last week draining my energy out thinking and applying for visas, it was another time feeling dragged into a corner. I don’t know what is it really. […]

Death the absent the present …. To the good memory of my dear friend Omar Badrieh , May your soul rest in peace In the hectic way of life . With all the strangely bad news that is moving around . One would say , it is all part of the movement of life . […]

A Non Exactly moment of wondering : Being Palestinian

Being Palestinian … Not Exactly . Being Jerusalemite.. And it goes to another Not Exactly ! Being a Non Exactly means you travel with a Non Exactly Jordanian passport and a Non Exactly Israeli document .. You are marked with a special non religious probably ethnic 6 number, that makes you Non Exactly special. A […]

Pandora Box

Right .. inside that Pandora box was just a hollow being that switched from a Peter Pan to a Dr. Jeckyle and Mr. Hyde.. and at its best performed his actual role as a Vampire… and it is true … what can come out from a DEAD MAN WALKING? ( from the diary of a […]

مهاترات وطن : مرحله جديده

بينما نعيش في ظروف اقرب ما يمكن وصفها بالكارثيه ، لا زلنا نصر على الانتظار …انتظار الافضل …مما لا شك فيه باننا على عتبه نهايه حقبه …حقبه ابسط ما يمكن وصفها هو النكسه ، ، واضافه للنكسه السابقه فنحن نعيش نكسه ثقافيه ، اجتماعيه ،اخلاقيه ،اقتصاديه وسياسيه ..وضعنا اليوم ونحن ننتظر دخولنا في الحقبه الجديدة […]

a new era …is about to be….

From Egypt to Palestine. An old era is about to end, with a new era that is probably a worse scenario of the retro. As the Sisi is winning in a majority of 98% of (it doesn’t matter of how much of the eligible voters). A real victory to the choice of the voters (not […]

how do we define harassment against women

how do we define harassment against women.

The Pope in the Holy land ….

The Pope’s visit to the Holy land . As much as there is something uniquely special about the Pope Francis , kindness and modesty . Virtues that seem to be abandoned from today’s life . Managing to manoeuvre around the security and the program and forcing his way to the WALL is by itself an […]

just keep going’s all passing moments

just keep going… one day it is shining , another is filled with fog and clouds … people pass by ,  they love you , they hate you  they support you ,they use you  they honour you , they deceive you  they stay , they leave  they continue to be passer-bys  in a life of […]

مهاترات وطن : مدرسه راهبات الورديه

سمعت ما جرى بمدرسه الورديه وانا في بروكسيل . ولم تكن هذه المره الاولى . ففي كل سنه ومنذ اكثر من خمس سنوات ونفس القصه تتردد، والمحبط بآن شيئا لم يتغير من حيث تغيير موقف المدرسه . والجديد في هذا العام ما هو الا تراكم احباطات الاعوام السابقه ، فما بدأ كرغبه لسياسه مدرسه في […]

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