The Pope in the Holy land ….

The Pope’s visit to the Holy land .

As much as there is something uniquely special about the Pope Francis , kindness and modesty . Virtues that seem to be abandoned from today’s life . Managing to manoeuvre around the security and the program and forcing his way to the WALL is by itself an accomplishment . Many high level officials managed not to see the Wall; not long ago , by Berlusconi’s famous : ” which wall? ” when asked about the wall. 

The Pope found his way to the Wall , depute the israelis attempt t o beautify it and paint it with white!!! But how muh can occupation extends its fierce coercion .. At the end , we sleep behind that Wall each night and we can succeed in writing on it at least our own messages to the world , and to the Pope . 

In what seemed a historical moment ,probably for the Pope himself , I hope he managed to notice , the presence of police not people in Jerusalem . I hope he had notices that Jerusalem was a city of ghosts , surrounded with machine guns for his Holyness visit. 

It could be another major visit , we could hope again for a miracle, maybe now by the closest human to the divine in some of our Beliefs . Maybe his words are really closest to be heard … from God and from the World . 

As we still aspire for real peace.. 

As we continue to pray for a nation with sovereignty …

As we dream of ways without checkpoints and barriers…

As we try to look up to a sky , without being surrounded by Walls that limit our sights and paths …

We remain to be hopeful . that Freedom would be our way out 

one day … one day …hopefully soon …i leave you with a picture …with a million messages and one word FREEDOM Image


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