For the past few weeks , I have been trying to write something and stopping , to a certain extent because I was too dejected which affected my physical handling to my mind , and partly because I was reading reviews and articles that spoke up my mind ..

However, as the days are passing, nothing seems to be shifting to a more encouraging state of affairs . The more I read those exasperating newspapers headlines the worse I feel, and the further despair hammers on my head .

Every so often , I undergo a commotion of accumulating all the news headlines and assembling an article out of them , the result will be a cynical, ridiculous, contemptuous , sad, frustrating , gloomy reality that doesn’t seem to be ending .

Two realities, based on hypothetical approaches , our leaders breaching projects, participating in dinners , going to the streets , flourishing economics, condemning occupation through soliciting to stop settlements and retaining security.

People suffering ,tormenting , starving , economic deterioration , expanding settlements, demolitions, autocracy , despotism , insecurity, and a long list of agony goes on .

What provoked me to write today, is a news headline that fondled my eyes ,as I was reading, “the white house declaring a conference in Washington between Abbas, Netanyaho, and Obama” . Abbas has been saying all over the news for the last few weeks that he will not meet with Netanyaho unless he stops the settlements . Until a few hours ago , one of the headlines was saying that Abbas is refusing to meet with Netanyaho.

It is such a perplexing sentiment . The contradiction is not just between what we hear and what we see , but between what we hear and what we hear .

Even when it is a meager demand , to stop the settlements , even when we are watching them minimizing our cause, a whole system of occupation into stopping settlements , we can’t get an upright standpoint .

Instead of taking the new UN inspection report and forcing it in the upcoming UN gathering and oblige i the world to take action against Israel continuous violations to whatever is left from our humanity . We carry on in the path of deterioration .

I feel too worn-out to even write . I see it all going in the same path of a dark faceless nowhere . And we are watching and accepting .

Nadia Harhash


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