living in the shoes of a woman, Reflections and beyond تأملات وأشياء اخرى

A nostalgia for a dwelling feeling for a homeland ..for being

thunder- bombard….raining- bleeding !!

Gaza under attack …

A 37-year-old martyr killed on the crossing Bridge

A 21-year-old Student killed early morning in Ramallah

Another in Hebron and one in Tulkarem ..and some in Gaza.

Martyrs again are becoming numbers …

A sky is falling from above, with rain pouring, that is not clear anymore is it a blessing, or it is only torn shedding.

Is it just a continuous thunder or is it the weeping of a bereaved divinity on the destruction of its creation.

A mourning nature on its victims,

Moreover, leadership …

An old president is choosing a vice president for his superseded post.

Accusation inside a fractioned party within a segmented society that is wedged in chunks over a domination of what? A bubble-semi-state with no sovereignty or dominion?

A mourning nation over a martyr after another, and yet, waiting to celebrate the stars of Arab Idol …

Gaza’s flooding, bleeding, bombarded, and we are still discussing one state or a two state.

A convention here, and a conference out there all discussing peace and announcing pre-assumed resolutions for a few more million to the rich to become richer …

Negotiations ?? of course. A president under pressure for one more inch on the map or two or maybe three or ten …

A Jerusalem that became east and west … a neighborhood, or a quarter, or maybe a road, or maybe Jerusalem is somewhere out there behind the wall.

Moreover, perhaps we Palestinians.

Like our land …

Maybe we just become …

Nostalgia for a dwelling feeling that assumes and resumes on instances and intervals, intermissions and interludes.

March 2014


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