For the past almost two weeks , everything was overwhelmingly surprising on the political bubble. Suddenly growing and growing and at a pin point splashing into enormous ridiculous drops .

I was so furious , to express my rage in Arabic. It happened to me when I decided to get a divorce. For the first time in years , I wrote my reflections in Arabic . writing in English makes me keep a certain balance between my sanity and what is left from my common sense .

But now , words seem to be endlessly unnecessary . life on our daily grounds seems to have really switched upside down . there is no real sense of anything . failures and scandals are greeted with claps and ceremonies . Traitors are received as heroes in university Campuses . eternal rivals are sitting in public forums making jokes and strategizing for a future nation set up . sin is becoming a virtue . treason is becoming a laudable achievement . and people applauding once and cursing on other occasions.

Truth is so clear . so blindingly appealing , to such a level where we stopped recognizing or differentiating .

I have been feeling so alienated , but now , I give up … it is not alienation only .

It is true that everything has been sold out . sold out with our blood, with our land ,and now for sure with what was left from our dignity .

It must be time, to raise up , and look directly in the eye of the sun ,and allow it to blind us , so that we can wonder without seeing what was once a belief . what was once a struggle for a cause that we believed so much in its right ot exist .

There is nothing called a Palestinian cause . there is no fight for any liberation ,because we have extensively been occupied .

As long as we allow such people to be our leaders . we don’t have any right to be .


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