Reflection on Occupation : Back from Abroad through the Allenby Bridge

Coming back to the same time zone and twilight zone as well … as if all my feelings and sensations that I left right here on this border of the bridge when I left Jerusalem a week ago are back waiting all jamming like those people I have been around for the last few hours to get out.

I found myself crying on the bus, not for myself, but for who I am. It is almost impossible to stop the flow of my sad sensations. Looking at this, and seeing myself, knowing I am part of it all, and knowing as well that I am not like them. Total feelings of sadness on them and on me and questioning myself for a million time who am I. maybe it is as everything else in my life total alliance from everything. The only place where I feel home is nowhere. Maybe the kids and I, but I don’t know … sometimes I don’t even know if I can be a mother to them.

I have been experiencing non-stop feeling of being unclear about my human side if it really exists. If me, us, Palestinians are real human beings or not. . It is not about how people behave towards us, it is also about how we behave towards ourselves.

I keep remembering people like Luciano saying that I am not like them, about them, and it only makes me feel worse, it is such an overwhelming feeling of sadness.

I feel that I don’t want to be anywhere but home, and not because I feel home, but maybe it is the only safe place for me. I was thinking of Luciano waiting to see me, and I feel I don’t want to see him, I am afraid to be touched by him or anyone like him any

More, I feel like a species that is different from him, it makes me feel sadder as I think about it. It makes me feel weird to the world outside me, maybe crazy and weird to them, and to all. But I can’t stop crying, I feel my tears flowing like a river that cannot stop. And I don’t know why, why now, and why should I.

Is it a destiny of being total delineated from this life?

But I feel my belonging to here, I was longing to come back after only a week with humans, with those who should be the normal world. But here is not the world, and here is not a place where we r inhabiting as humans. We cannot be humans. There cannot be such a consensus on our existence in this category and we cannot recognize until now.

I feel ridiculously ridiculous.

I was looking at the people. All lined up in all forms of lines. A level a bit higher than lining donkeys.just because donkeys wouldn’t be able to talk. One line after the other. Strange looks and features. Unfriendly and nervous expressions. Suddenly I realized that we shouldn’t be classified as humans, we cannot actually. And then going the Israeli side, maybe it is a better form. Feeling dehumanized there. Another form of a process created just for us. Semi human, semi animal. Semi tribal, semi cattle.

Oh … and the VIP. Some semi humans, mostly of a level with a well-fed donkey. God I am so frustrated and tired of al this life.

I am tired of being on this life. It is not mine…


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