ImageEach time I enter the campus of the Hebrew University , I feel as if I am vacuumed into a time machine . In instances I am 18 years old . All those memories start surrounding me from every single direction . The walls ,the allies, the colours, the columns, the grass, the library, the sounds… our sounds, our voices, chatting , laughing ,gossiping , lying down, eating Mentos … non ending discussions , debating , smiling ,laughing, conspiring, making fun , having jokes … studying , praying, summarising , witnessing communism fall… A whole life passes in a glimpse …

Friends that stayed, friends that just passed away …

Memories remain ,even if its bearers pass away … even when they are not any longer in your life .

Nostalgic.. bittersweet feeling of life … life of dreams .. of hope .. of belief …

Somehow … in this place I learnt how to walk … I experienced the dream of life…

I experienced friendship …

I lived honesty, purity, care… Knowing friends that remain … not in bodies and physical presence… but definitely in souls and surrounding spirits …

I lived naivety in its best ways … love in its purest levels …. friendships in its eternal existence…

I lived life as I wished in my dreams ….

Memories … no matter how beautiful, positive, full of love and life… ache when nostalgia hits .

2 thoughts on “My Shoes: First walk…bittersweet memories
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