Muhatarat watan ( incoherence) of …:Friday prayer in the President’s Presence

Khutbah al Jum’a (Friday Prayer)

I can’t miss this one,

Time: Now

Location: Virtual: Palestine TV, Actual, Tashrifat Hall (mosque ) in Ramallah. Imagination: Jerusalem (the Picture of Jerusalem is on the wall).

Speaker: Supposedly a sheik, sheiks ‘supposed to be making the Friday prayer. Appearance: Quite polished. Name: I don’t know. He is busy mentioning Hamas people’s names. (Enlightening I would say)

Subject: Anti-Hamas Rally (demonstration)

This man is switching from God and prayer to the reconciliation, and I cant believe what is taking place, while the president is sitting in this prayer gathering, he is gossiping in a prayer about Al Sahar … accusing the zahhar (Hamas man) that he is a creator of fitan (fitna) … the khutba is becoming a rally against Hamas. Or specifically al zahhar.

No, he is discussing the economical plan, he is just responding to assumed (probably true as well) Hamas accusations to the Fateh government (I mean free, temporarily, reconciliation government).

I continue to watch this nonsense, a man, a sheik, in the official mosque of the Palestinian Authority (president), while the president himself is sitting and contemplating at the moment, is deliberately making a defense speech for Abbas and a disgusting, I would say offense on Hamas.

After the reconciliation.

Hamas remains to be the main enemy … the cause of a nation is becoming a name. A personal attack against a, b, and c…

And now he is putting God and the Prophet to the context … when I hear this nonsense… I understand why the world perceives us as terrorists, intolerant and ignorant.

This man should be hanged from his tongue in the Manara Square … (not to be killed, just put him instead of the monument there)

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