When Injustice becomes law…. Resistance becomes Duty

When injustice becomes law …. Resistance becomes a Duty

The photo with a person covered with the Palestinian flag and a statement that says: When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty. A quote by Thomas Jefferson, the American founding father, the principle author for the declaration of independence and the third American president. Ok, this statement always made me stop and make a respectful salute for it. I have to admit that knowing it was made by an American president made it kind of confusing. But it makes it in the meaning of today more applicable. After all, we are trying to practice the American school of democracy, since America is the place of democracy.

Anyway, the quote is something that I strongly feel it resembles me as a Palestinian. I often wanted to put it as my profile picture on Facebook, but I end up keeping my daughters’, thinking that it is time of peaceful injection, and resistance id becoming a provocative word.

The abduction of the Israeli youth \soldiers is seem to be making what BoulAzizi did in Tunisia igniting what became the Arab Spring.

IT could be amazing how one cannot really know what ignites such reactions in the street among the population.

The interaction that is taking place between the Israeli soldiers and the Palestinian youth or street in general is reminding me of the time of the intifada. I am not also sure if it is the Israeli army’s increased oppressive methods that are resulting in the more daring reaction from the people.

Having said this, it could be a reason, seeing what has been taking place in Hebron specifically for the last few days in humiliating, oppressing the whole population in order to find their men.

In another obvious behavior, a notion we always knew, but our injection of numbness made us all in a state of numb watching, It is one of those times that Israel puts us all as one. Every single Palestinian becomes a suspect, a potential criminal, a definitely –becoming terrorist. Invading every single house, stopping, arresting, detaining, terrorizing every single person, a child, a youth, a woman, an elderly, a man becomes a norm …

And then, Israel cries its beloved young boys …

And then they ask us to be sympathetic. They are just youngsters.

Where is the Israeli public when Palestinian children and youth are taken to Israeli jails every single day I the last at least year? Where is the Israeli public when their ‘youngsters’ soldiers like hunted birds kill our youth?

Where is the Israeli public when a Palestinian woman begs, weeps, solicits, pledges for an eye of remorse and empathy when her young child is dragged to jail, when her young child is abducted by uniformed army. Where is the Israeli public when Palestinian families mourn their youth instead of celebrating their end of school ceremonies?

And then I am asked if I am happy or not. If a statement of condemnation should come of my mouth …

To all Israelis; when injustice becomes law, resistance cannot but be a duty …


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