• it has been a victory for the BDS … i think such a pressure to israel will eventually make it understand that oppression and racism cannot stay for long

      • It will also bring more mainstream attention to bear on Israel’s actions. This may be a sign that the end is near as it was in S. Afrirca. Perhaps, why the settler kidnappings are getting so much coverage…to distract from the BDS news.

      • i think BDS took its time in convincing the need to apply . Israel is forcibly bringing itself to a S African model . what has been taking place during the last week in the excessive violence and oppression targeting mainly children only proves that occupation can never have a good face. the kidnapping settlers story , is a story that i am personally not discarding as MISSING maybe not kidnapped situation … even some israeli public is taken by awe on the reaction of its government to the excessive violence that is taking place.

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