Reflection on …. : A story of a nation

Reflection on …. : A story of a nationJUNE 28, 2014 / NADIA HARHASH / EDITA story of a nation in two people .A Palestinian lossA cause thrashingAn ongoing DiasporaA continuous expatriationAn identity that remains …solid , humane , pureThough covered with burdens of miseries and mixtures of blended sorrows and difficultiesA story of a Palestinian lost cause , and a shattered dream of two souls .An attempt of collecting two souls in one story of a nation ,Though taking place sometimes at a refugee camp or a city .A forced expulsion or a voluntarily exile …Both living in an inner exile among people ,beyond space and regions.Sorrow of a long history of a nation , filled with agony and despairAnd yetPowerful and determined as a deeply rooted olive treeFilled with humanity of a whole universeSurrounded with a spirit of a holy creation.Two hearts that bond jointly beyond Space and PlaceBeyond Darkness and ShadowsAhead of culture and evolutionFurther than History and PastNurtured with a hope for a presentAnd a dream of a tomorrow that remainedFor long , a dream of a nationA dream of a lost nation for liberation and freedom5-11-2010

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