As Israeli families and nation are mourning the loss of their boys , teens, youth , whatever … lives. it is not a matter of lack of empathy or remorse. But somehow it is one moment Palestinians and Israelis share the same feelings of pain , sorrow , loss. Each to his own lost life. 

It saddens me to watch the world, again , seeing the israeli lives as lives ,and continue to ignore that the ten Palestinians who were killed in the last two weeks are young lives with names and families and loved ones that are also mourning as well at the moment . 

Dozens of Palestinians homes have been demolished in the past two weeks. Over 570 more Palestinians were kidnapped in these two weeks making more than 6000 abductees languishing in Israeli gulags/prisons. 1500 Palestinian homes invaded without due process. 12 million native Palestinians still await their freedom from colonial occupation and displacement. And Israeli leaders are promising to “do more”(genocidal mayhem?). But the question remains when will this insanity end?

Can it end by negotiations between occupied and occupier; negotiations that have been going on for 22 years while Israel gets $12 billion profit every year from its occupation? (that is not counting the billions from US taxpayers).

(courtesy of Mazen Qumsiyeh)

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  1. I’ve never understood the blind support the U.S. has had for Israel. But it seems that a politician in our country can’t get elected unless he pledges his support for Israel. When Republicans suspected that Barack Obama wasn’t supportive, they jumped all over him until he went out of his way to pledge such support. I don’t like it, but if I want to stay out of trouble I have to pay my taxes and fund it.

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