you don’t need a ghetto .. an oven … You live under occupation

Israelis find it too much to describe them as Nazis. I would have been tolerant about it until this morning. As Israeli “ pretentious peace seekers” were demanding our empathy and regret as Palestinians, like Abu Mazen towards the settlers kidnapping/death, and as part of an organized agenda, we see them sympathizing today not yesterday, not the day before on another murder of a Palestinian life. A Palestinian teenager. A young life that is so close … the mourning of the family, of the neighborhood could be smelt and felt from here.

While our kids are murdered. The criminals are out there in the luxury of their living hood. Instead of scanning the murderers areas, it is the victim’s place that is in closure and seized by Israeli Police.

Instead of searching the murderers they lock us in …while the killers are out there free.

When we mourn we have to express compassion. When we celebrate we have to express remorse. We have to watch our every word.

Our kids are terrorists … if not now they are potential ones.

Our lives are the next target for an Israeli soldier or a settler …

The world expects our sympathy, when we never know if we meet our loved ones again after passing a checkpoint or any road. Since all our roads have become settler roads.

When our enemy becomes a soldier and another civilian dressed settler. I don’t know if I am keeping that safe place in me for specifically not considering all Israelis as settlers.

They wonder why we don’t get it?

Three of their kids, whom one of them was already a soldier. Ready to kill Palestinians if didn’t kill yet. The two are an outcome of the worst known settlements in Israel were killed, and our life becomes a living hell. Our children are abducted in front of our own eyes. Our boys are murdered. Not just murdered burnt. We are locked in a neighborhood that is surrounded with Israeli forces from every possible entry. And the world calls us terrorists … and they don’t want to be described by Nazis.

They don’t need ovens to burn our boys.

They don’t need a Nazi badge to lynch our people

They don’t need to call their closures, the Wall, the fence, the checkpoint a Ghetto …

And they want us to kneel down and ask for their acceptance to our words. To our emotions. To our existence…

Resistance is nothing but an obligation …

You name it whatever you want …

Each time you draw death closer to us … the intolerance among us will just increase…

Nazism is not about an oven or razing houses and ghettos. Nazism is a mindset of racist, criminal acts … and that is where Israel stands today.


  1. Sadly, you are so right. My husband and I fully recognize that the actions of Israel are as vile as the Nazis they used as justification for stealing Palestine. But, they are pumped up by the greed of the West for Oil – but soon oil will not be an issue and every day more people are seeing the lies of “leaders” who are just murderers and colonizers. I send my condolences and prayers daily for all the children and youth whose lives are being taken whose childhoods are being stolen. I really believe, in some terrible way many of these “jewish” people are reborn nazis who have not yet rid themselves of their inner poisons.

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