One of the boys that were dragged yesterday is Abdel Nour’s friend and our neighbor Shafe’.

The horror of this all is just knocking every door. I talked to his mother, Rana, a beautiful soul who received my call with a calmness that I was not able to comprehend. Palestinian mothers are watching their children killed, dragged, lynched, detained, beaten, shot, burnt right in front of their eyes and they are forced to watch and pray for a miracle that can only come down from a God. A miracle of patience, resilience, and compassion.

May our children be in the real mercy of God !!!!!



4 thoughts on “Diary of occupation: Horror knocking the doors
  1. Know my prayers never stop for the children, for the mothers, for you all.


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    In the Memory of the murder of Mohammad Abu Khdeir.. Two years ….


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    Madre de dos, what are the Israeli’s thinking – those keeping silent about those killing in their name!

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