Roi Tov—3 Boys for the West Bank

Roi Tov—3 Boys for the West Bank.


  1. That what this article says can be true leaves me speechless. And I understand the feelings you have been having. When confronted with such an evil that will murder their own youth, of what value is a Palestinian life to them? All that I can do is pray and visualize truth rising above lies.

    • it is a theory.. one cannot really know the truth . I personally have similar ideas . taking the situation on the ground and the mentality of people here . something is definitely missing in this . one thing for sure so far ,and israeli media has bee discussing is that the israeli government knew about the death of the three settlers in the same day . it doenst make it a better situation as well. maybe what is happening now in jerusalem has been out of the expectation of the israeli government !!

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