Things we must know and remember about the Israeli – Palestinian conflict.

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  1. Great post, though, hard to read because of the painful truths within. What’s happening now in your part of the world hurts me heart. I first learned the extent of the conflict that’s been going on for years ten years ago, when I did a comprehensive research project for school. During my research, I learned of the violence, the failed peace talks, the inadequate attempts at reconciliation and compromise, the foolishness of leaders on both sides. During that time, I wished for peace, and a place for everyone in the area be able to call “home”.

    I have Jewish heritage, and have visited Israel. I have some Jewish friends. I also have met one very nice Palestinian man, a friend of my father’s, who moved to the US. I have one Muslim friend (I just haven’t happened to come across many others in my life’s journey). I respect everyone based on the fact that they are human beings. Of course, I have more respect for those who are willing to respect others, as well.

    I am more spiritual than religious, but I am praying for peace.

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