it is a fateful night

When I was young, I mean a child. I used to write letters to God.

I remember doing it I the roughest times, such as when someone I liked got sick, or I needed his help in passing an exam…those things.

Tonight, as I am supposed to be contemplating to God with prayers and requests. As the gates of skies are supposed to open for believers, in what is believed to be the holiest night in the Islamic Belief. Tonight is the night that the Quran was revealed to prophet Mohammad. It is the night when Angels and souls are spread all over in peace. I am finding myself scribbling down words asking God ….

As I spent the night on TV watching demonstrations in Jerusalem in live coverage. Watching the Aqsa court becoming a battlefield. As young Palestinians were out in the streets revolting against oppression in such a reviving sensation, as if the streets were striving for this moment.

These are the Palestinians that Oslo didn’t manage to sedate any longer. In what seemed to be the bloodiest day in the third week of vicious aggression on Gaza. Around hundred people were killed. Fifteen murdered in a shell on a UNRWA school were people were taking refugee after they were evicted from what used to be their houses.

My heart was having this heavy clinch as I was watching with awe and sadness. Brutality, arrogance, murderous means of wickedness of this evil occupation. With each new murder, or wounded I felt my heart beats less of a life.

We are facing one of the strongest armed forces in the world when we are a nation of civilians and our resistance are equipped with the minimum of anything that they were able to smuggle through tunnels and probably develop on their own in quite a short time.

Any normal calculation would say that these people would have been squeezed out the moment the ground battle started. The Israeli Nazi forces have been leading unilateral airstrikes from the skies of Gaza killing people as if they were inside a video game on war. The ground battle hit their power. A real defeat for the undefeatable, and by whom … by self-trained militias that can hardly organize.

Somehow these people. The true heroes of resistance. Gave the world and us a whole new meaning of resilience. Of belief. Of the justice of our cause.

The demonstrations that exploded tonight, and are still ongoing, as if they were the replacement of this holy night contemplation to god. The strength, the courage, the heroic confrontation that took place … was merged with this jealousy over what each Muslim in this country at least see as a red line with the blood in the streets of Gaza to make this night a fateful night in the being of Palestinians.

For the first time in my life, I find myself exclusively praying for every single Palestinian child, girl and boy, man and woman anywhere and everywhere with God’s full Mercy and Support.

It is the time when we need this unity that God can give us.

It is one of those unique times that I feel myself in every single Palestinian child, mother, father, and family.

It is one unique moment that my prayer to my son and daughters is the prayer to every single Palestinian boy and girl.

It is such a glorifying sensation … raising my hands up and asking Mercy, Victory, Patience, Resilience, Peace, and Protection for Palestine.

The Protection, Mercy, Victory, Peace of Palestine is the Protection, Mercy, Victory and Peace to me and my family …

May God’s Mercy and Protection be our support and protection. …Amen.


  1. It hurts me, you know?
    It hurts me to the core to see how people all over the world hurt other people in the name of God.
    Personally speaking, I am a Christian woman, baptized while being a baby, I don’t know very much about Quran, Muhammad, or Allah, but I reject to believe that any of them would be happy with the slaughter of any living creature.
    I know a little more about Jewish religion, but just because jewism comes before in our sacred Christian book, The Bible.
    In The Old Testament, first came Abraham, and all their tribes, which by the way and just in case some jewish people haven’t noticed yet, were thirteen, not twelve, remember, twelve and the Levitians (sorry it may be mispelled), that sums up thirteen according to my calculations, and then…
    Then, came Jesus, to give all of us regardless of our beliefs or where we live on this planet, Jesuschrist came to stop slaughters and to tell all of us not to mix up Gods and Caesars, among other important messages He has left to all of us, the citizens of the world, this world the only one we have, and we must share.
    According to my own point of view I say a prayer, but not only for Palestinian children, instead I say a prayer for every child in the world.

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