my Birthday tribute))

In the middle of the chaos of it all… Gaza is again under attack . More losses . More tragedies . However , somehow Abu-Ubaida made another energising statement , that admittedly pulled me out of this vacuum of negative feelings of the continued subjugation that continues to befall on us . To mark this with my birthday made my silly ego boost … there rare so many reasons not to celebrate a birthday , aside from the sadness that is really enliving us . Worry. Fear. Anxiety. Taking each day separately and just praying for a day of peace and dignity. and another important reason for not celebrating is of course … WHO WANTS TO CELEBRATE ANOTHER YEAR IN THE FORTIES ???? it cannot be of any fun … i am sure in some years i will regret that . thinking of how beautiful and young fortyyyyys were….. but i still cannot absorb it ….
and yet , receiving all the warmth I felt today made my heart much of softer place that I desperately need . Thank you all .. for all the love and care on all social media and other means ( i felt famous on all social media ) … but with all the special words I received, I know my girls will kill me .. but it was Abdelnour Z Nusseibeh words ( that took this amazing form of a letter) that touched every emotion in me .. and i would love to share with you all..
“Well let me tell u the story of my life..
Once there was a kid. he had an amazing and pretty mother anyone could ask for.
That always and how ever and how proud of her and how much he love’s her .
But i don’t know… he can’t show it clearly.
I wish i could tell u how much she paid from her life to us but we don’t realize. honestly we dont deserve a mother like her.
She’s the cutest, the smartest . she is just too perfect to be rated.
well this mother that i am talking about… is my mother.
I wish i could do any anything for her! I just adore her everyday, every single moment more than the other .
i just loveee u more than anything in this life!
Well ..happy birthday to my amazing mom .
To my queen
To my life
To my son
To my mother
To my hero
To my proudest
To my what?
I just can talk about how perfect she is forever.
Happy birthday mom
Happy birthday mom
Happpppyyy birthday motheerr
I just love u. i adore u “”
We really don’t deserve a mother like u
Ur not a normal mother
Ur the cutest
The craziest
The smartest
The hero
I will never forget anything u did
I will never never ever forget u!
Forget anything belongs to u
God bless u
God bless my mother
God bless my hero
God bless this woman
I promise u one day i’ll let u the proudest woman in the whole world and u’ll see i love u to the moon and back
Happy birthday mother”


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