The power of real!!! Another killing of a child and another kidnapping attempt to a child!!

This all seems unreal.

The Resistance declaring an open confrontation, asking the Israelis not to stay in big gatherings and the airlines to stop. Airstrikes continue , more destruction. The epic Abu Ubaida showing himself with what looks like a speech of fate each time.

And here, just down the street. Police cars are gathering, people are packed around, my dogs are barking. It means that they are not practically scared.

One hour, two hours, another police car comes, people are still gathering, I go down and ask what is going on. Another attempt of kidnapping to a child. An Israeli woman that seems wondering with a car stalking Palestinian children, attempting to lynch and grab from a mother.

The same story of the Zalloum child, sarcastically, it looks like this woman wants the family. This time also it was another boy from the same family. How lucky these boys are getting, or how alert the mothers with them are to quickly scream and yell for help, in another luckily time when the street is busy with people.

All this is stretching my mind like a rubber band.

Naïve, childish excitement about rockets that nag in the surrounding of the Israelis. More killings and murders for innocents.

Abu Ubaida (whom I am also falling in his epic seduction as apparently most Palestinian women as well) said a major sentence that stayed with me; How the occupation, another time, while attempting to assassinate what they called their leader, they just again assassinated another woman and an infant (his wife and new born (8months) child). As if it is a declared war against women and children.

Maybe the Israelis are celebrating as well, the murder of what could have become another future Palestinian threat.

And the attempts of kidnapping the child here. Is it just a coincidence? Or there is a code to target children.

It all feels unreal …

But it is all so damn real.

Fear haunts us right here, down the street.

Death haunts us in a disguise of an Israeli soldier or a fanatic settler …

All under the name of what???

Another justice… religion. …Of the other (us or them!!!!)


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