Another incoherence, this time of the woman in me

How possible is it to strive for freedom?
Protection against the occupation. Freedom from societal obligations and forced rules. Freedom of being a woman.
As the struggle of being a woman did not just start with me. Plato at his best claimed that the woman cannot be blamed for what she is; since the beginning of time souls were organized to go to bodies, those who were previously guilty and need to suffer were chosen to be in a woman’s body.
Of course, this always puts Plato in a better position than Aristotle whose motto was clear: females are mutated males, and they are by nature inferior to men.
Apart from my philosophical hallucination. There is this reality of my life.
How far could it reach? How far can I strive for being the woman I am and yet survive.
It could all end with this sentence.
Is there something called the woman I am?
Why cannot I be just the woman everybody wants to see?
A woman that everybody knows and identifies with without judgments and with satisfaction.

One comment

  1. It’s sad, but I’m beginning to feel that all this reverence held for the knowledge and wisdom of the Latins and Greeks was just the beginning of the decline of humanity. Was a time that women were worshipped and recognized as deities – but now we have to transform this reality that continues to stereotype women into roles that in no way represent who we are. But, hey, I LOVE being a woman. I love that I’m a strong, confident, deep voiced black woman who has been blessed and with each passing day – feels I have a purpose and can influence the world. And so do you, Nadia.

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