Manal Musa . A voice of Palestine

Arab Idol is bringing the Arab world and the world again with a Palestinian voice that challenges life.
A challenge that goes from South to North.
A challenge that started last year from Gaza in Mohammad Assaf and went up North to Deir Al-Asad in Manal Mousa.
A challenge to Occupation by its very and every meaning.
A challenge to Oslo
A challenge to Geography and Segregation
A challenge to separation and barriers
A challenge to the identity that remained despite the will of occupation in Israelization
A challenge to the fragmentation of a nation
Palestinians continue to prove to the world …
today in the voice of this beautiful young woman .. Manal Mousa,
That Palestine can be occupied in geography and even minds
But it cannot be held in the Heart
Palestine is not about a piece of land that belongs to this and that
to this ethnicity and that religion
Palestine is the Identity of its People
North and South
East and West
From Gaza to Ramallah
Jenin to Hebron
Bethlehem to Nazareth
Jerusalem to Akka
Palestine is in the heart of its people
despite the weakness of its leaders
notwithstanding the fascism of its occupier
despite the eternal attempt of cleansing it from all what represents its.
Palestine will remain the voice of its people …

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