Adha and Kipur intersection

Walking through the streets of Jerusalem today felt like being in a Bazaar . Well these are important nights for the Moslems before the Adha Eid that coincidentally comes exactly the same day with the Yom Kipur for the Jews.

In a normal place inside a normal life it would have been a real festivity when two faiths meet to celebrate what is the holiest days of the year ( so many holy days though for all faiths in this country).

It is again what would appear to be tomorrow an ultimate clash of civilization instead of an embrace of civilization.

As tomorrow will definitely be a day that witnesses clashes and racism in another form … How sarcastic it seems to see the checkpoints and the closures that are made for the Friday prayer from one side and the opening for the ways for Jewish prayers .

But yet , we are welcoming days with festivities , with their closures and our celebrations . Our celebrations trying to catch up with the previous uncelebrated Eid . Another Eid is coming with a Palestine that is still bleeding , and a thrive to find a way in a celebration of a Eid that will be surrounded with blockade , this time for a holiday …. A holiday that in a normal place and a normal time , both people will find a way to celebrate each in his own space and way respectfully … But again , nothing normal can come out with life under occupation .

It will be another blockade , another desperate attempt to make a day pass normally , another day with confrontations that we all pray will not be costly…on us .

Happy Adha and Yom Kippur …


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