Exeter university votes to boycott israel


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Exploring my own Shoes ... somehow my walk , my way ... Being a woman is one thing . One important thing of originally two things. However, living in a global patriarchal dominance makes one thing dominant of another . A lifetime struggle of women resilience for being the one thing they are Women . All the resilience of being a woman is another ONE thing . For being a Moslem woman is another thing . Being a Moslem woman living in an Occupied land is definitely a totally other thing. What if you add divorce to this ? Being a Woman, a Moslem , a Palestinian and Divorced … makes the introduction to living in my shoes… Living in a Shoe of a Woman. PS. English is not my first language.. I know I often need to edit , however, there is something in the power of the 'click send' button.. ever since I did it the first time .. I enjoy clicking directly from my heart...unedited...

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  1. I cannot imagine the anguish that fills your daily life. We are all people with the same needs and desires yet for some like yourself the most basic needs are a constant struggle. We, in the united states, sometimes forget the struggle we went through for independence, for freedom for privileges we now take for granted. Our political system is rigged so that we choose the least perceived evil instead of the best person to lead our country in our modern world. I pray that your world will allow you peace soon. – Bob

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