Another Palestinian down , this time in a form of a Minister

Finally, a tragedy that forces the president to make a public statement immediately.

Another painful moment, that is surrounded with all means of irony that accompanies life under occupation.

A Palestinian’s chance not to return home, even if you were a minister with immunity and covered with the Oslo coordination rules .

If you are inside a peaceful demonstration or not. The result is always the same .

10624687_931725146869906_8703862830507786010_nThe murder of Ziad Abu Ein, could be an important opportunity to prove, one another time the brutality of the occupier .

The death of the Minister of the Anti Wall Affairs Committee, is just another example that the violence of the soldiers against protesters, the tear (poison) gas does really kill. This man was killed as he was defending some fields in a Palestinian area that a settlement outpost was forced. A settlement that the Israeli government itself considers illegal. The group of activists including the minister who was with them to show support and in many ways to create a shield of protection to the locals in case Israeli soldiers interfered, were planting olive trees in Palestinian owned lands , in which the Israeli settlers have savagely uprooted.

Israel , as usual ,and immediately denied the responsibility for the death , claiming he died because of a heart attack . The pictures that have been circulated, with videos in all news outlets show clearly one of the soldiers grabbing the deceased from his neck and another forcing-ly holding his arm. The tear gas that was fired in the middle of the group . the moments the man collapsed .

A man who really breathed his last words in this life exposing the brutality of an occupation that uproots not only olive trees but lives.

The tragedy will go on …..

Our president will again, instead of making action follow Israeli tunes….. such as focusing on the cause of death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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