Friedman is what’s wrong with America Today .

Finally , someone said what I always thought . I am someone who is easily fascinated with writers\columnists ,and at one time in history , Friedman gained my respect . And of course it only needs a single wrong word to make your hero fall from the highest skies in unfixed pieces. This article says it all. ” A democratic society requires a vigorous press, debating different ideas. Today, the media, corporate America and the military industrial complex have coalesced around the idea that “everything is ok.” A provider of journalism Friedman is not; he is a marketing guru for the world as it is. And nothing dulls the edge of critical thinking more than the presumption that all is well. Credit cards give us the illusion of material success; Friedmans give us the illusion of moral and political success, while the public is dumbed down to a useless degree for a democracy. ”

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