Incoherent moments: Between an airstrike and a UN Resolution

A Fatah friend of mine told me some days ago while discussing the situation that they are worried that while the president is putting all his tremendous efforts in the UNSC at the moments in coming back with a (resolution) state, Hamas will do something “foolish.” After some Palestinian Fatah, non-Fatah arguments, my friend declared (for the hundredth time at least) that someone like me doesn’t understand the dynamics of great parties.
Wednesday arrived, the proposal was submitted (I think), and Hamas didn’t do anything foolish. Fatah did.
Gaza woke on streets filled with anti-Abbas slogans and demonstrations from Fatah’s Dahl Supporters.
As we still don’t know what is happening in the UNSC, Israeli elections campaign are getting in heated debates amongst the competitors, and if Palestinian issue is used, the Peace pigeon Zsipi’s comment that included Palestinian in a TV appearance was the “stupid ones,” and she is right.
We know that the U.S will veto, but Saeb Eriqat still insists that he will challenge that as if something new is coming out of this.
On the Eve of an UNSC resolution, Israeli air forces held two airstrikes in Gaza.
Between an airstrike and a UN resolution, Fatah is still trying to figure out how to remain in power with all in hands and with an assumed upcoming elections … one day when Hamas disappears maybe.

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