Thanks to the VETO …

Before closing this year … thankfully a good sign of something positive that was definitely not intended happened … the Palestinian application to the UNSC was rejected …

Yes. I am happy and relieved for a change …

Many warned from this call for a resolution, of course with serious knowledge of what was lying in the words of that proposal, despite my relying on my intuition and my naïve childish perspective f how I see things. Sadly, even my naivety and pure political analysis and insight succeeded to oversee what our decision-making politicians try to achieve!!!!!!

Here is my simple, naïve, and simple theory. We are a nation under occupation. An occupation that includes nationhood and statehood by recognition of the world represented by the United Nations and it’s so many resolutions. I think the UN have cooked and produced recommendations for the Palestinian question more than any in its history for any other nation or cause. As we are living (some) time of loss in our political policy and leadership (apparently we always suffered from this weakness), and giving the benefit of the doubt and good intention to our successive (only-continuing) rulers (rulers is the right word I guess, leadership doesn’t exist in our case, even though our case only needs leadership), taking into consideration the support of the world to Israel (mainly as a result of their getting rid of the Jewish problem that haunted them for centuries) and the real strength of Israel on almost all other levels . The failure of our so- called leadership can be understood …

But taking this aside. We neither as a generation who seems unable to make a change neither in leadership nor in the situation as a whole. Calling it a weakness, incapability, moderation, tired, exhausted, consumed.whatever. What we have from what has been accomplished through international discourse is all that we have left, aside from our presence on this land as people. One day, I sincerely hope and believe that a better Palestinian generation will produce a leadership that can fight for this cause. And when this happen, while most of the land has been absorbed through the claws of occupation, and people continued to live under a systematic ethnic cleansing, the UN resolution will remain and would be a tool, a valuable tool in our next generations hands to fight from.

New resolutions such as the one that was just refused, only set us back even for the future.

The current situation defies us from our already existing rights, despite the enormous plights and resolutions that have been announced and signed. Israel continued to occupy regardless of all calls and decisions. Having a new resolution will not change the attitude of Israel. But such a resolution would have confirmed the status quo.

When in our resolution we mention Jerusalem as the capital of Israel when all resolutions never said that, even in the resolution that created Israel.

When we change the status of refugees to “ those agreed upon,” when we force the Palestinian cause into the Arab Initiative of Saudi Arabia, that only reinforces Israel as a legal entity and only legitimizes what Israel has already done illegally, and criminally.

Anyway …

Finally, a good reason to be happy. After all, there is always a good side of living in a lose-lose situation. Sometimes it cannot go lower than what is already lost.

For more information on why I don’t support the proposed refused application for a resolution, please read the following article by Ali Abu Ni’meh.

Marwan Barghouthi already condemned the implementation in a press release that wasn’t really circulated among Palestinian Arabic media outlets (I happened to read it in English). Many wrote the application in Arabic. Almost all Palestinian political factions (6) denounced the use, including many figures in Fateh … So who applied for the U.N … … I need to be less critical towards the last day of the year, with no name mentioning …

One thought on “Thanks to the VETO
  1. Thanks for your analysis. I hadn’t thought of it that way. It does make sense.


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