A Palestinian shot and tortured while wounded in Tel Aviv.

Before the condemnations start, and each side begins claiming responsibilities or denying. And Before I as a Palestinian declare my Anti Terror statement. And before my “very” fundamental Zionist “friends” start provoking me asking me if I am already cheering up the stabbing on the bus. I want the focus to be on the alleged “terrorist” who was as usual shot, and strangely not immediately killed this time, and hence, tortured on the spot while left bleeding with his wounds. Especially that my president will represent the entire Palestinian nation and come out to condemn in a televised speech soon (yes it always feels cynical to see Abu Mazen quickly condemning ,while it could take him a real long time and in most cases doesnt even mention(if given a chance) when a Palestinian is attacked), and of course Netanyahu will be racing to blame him in person for the crimes committed against all Jews since the creation of mankind .
As usual, the man will never live to tell his side of the story ( I guess). New restrictions will be imposed on Palestinians.
This “yet another” timely, incident amid the thriving elections campaign will be used for the continued roaring amid the campaigners.
The fact that it is always “us” people who pay the price of political achievement is what continues to sadden me. As much as I don’t need to make a condemnation against assaulting or killing or any violent act against any civilian in any situation. The issue is not about if we regret or condemn or not. The issue is about how to stop this.
Yesterday Israel killed six people in Lebanon, in an airstrike that Netanyahu hopes will have a sound retaliation from Iran (one of the killed was an Iranian general) and Hezbollah.
Trying my best to stay away from the conspiracy theory, that apparently seems genetic in me. I cannot but see today’s stabbing, as nothing but a part of the continued electoral campaign that may serve Netanyahu in principal.
Last week, while he bullied himself in the demonstration of “Charlie Hebdo” victims uninvited, he made sure to use the accident to serve his campaign, by confirming that the Jews, not just the Israelis are living under this continuous threat of extermination. Bringing a war to the borders will make it an important clash for his security obsession and the Iranian threat will be back to the scene, and Palestinian “terror” on buses. All this will only serve in confirming to the Israeli public that they are under danger and a continuous fear for their existence from the surrounding enemies, which will definitely justify Netanyahu’s crimes in Gaza and gains him more support in his aggressive attack on the International Criminal Court.
As why did this man stab ….
It is not hard to find an answer , being a Palestinian living in the West Bank or anywhere else…
Is it resistance or terror … will remain the argument that each side will be chewing …
As a Palestinian , who lives under this non stop viciousness of occupation , resistance will continue to bring out forms and ways that will always surprise us and the occupation .. Bringing people into a level where life values as much as death … Sadly, people eventually choose death , inside a life that has no meaning for normal living…
And it will continue to be a sad situation , where innocent people pay the prices from both sides for the tyranny and oppression of governments and political scores.

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