A new reality under ISIS definition

Something inside me still refuses to accept this new phenomenon of ISIS. However, its crimes are just increasing and each time it is just another horrific scene.
The last episode in the burning of Muath, still stirs the emotions all over the Muslim world. And it is yet another time that I cannot but stop and think of our reactions. Of how traumatic horrific acts as such are manipulated again and again among us governments and nations.
How the king of Jordan turned into the hero of the situation is among the weirdest manipulations of all. But yet, it is not the fact that the king manipulated the scene that is the most absurd, but once again, it is the people’s reactions that is worse of absurdity.
Everyone forgot that the man was captured some months ago, and Jordan didn’t do much, if anything about it, accept when the Japanese case aroused and ISIS strangely and probably intentionally forced the Jordanian intervention. I cannot agree or disagree on the Jordanian collaboration on the war on ISIS, because everything about this war seems strange and absurd. How come all those allies cannot finish up this ISIS nothing supposedly. How come they are just increasing in their power? How come they are still selling the stolen oil of Iraq and who accepts to buy from them? Who sells them their sophisticated weapon? How come the top powers of the world, the U.S cannot defeat such scums?
In fact, we really don’t know who is fighting whom? It remains to be a complex issue to know that those ISIS are Muslims and to decide to join forces to kill them.
It sadly takes us to the hideous past of our refused to know Islamic history when Muslims killed and waged wars against moles.
When Muslims try to defend themselves nowadays for their forgiveness and tolerance with other religions, we apparently failed to be tolerant with our own people. The failure f the Islamic empire continued as a result of Muslim against Muslim campaigns since the death of Prophet Mohammad, and each fall of a dynasty was taken on the hand of an opponent dynasty that was Muslim.
Under the name of God Muslims continued to fight one another along history. And in the recent history, when nothing was left f their great empires and imperialism and occupation started, the enemy changed officially into a non-Muslim.
The whole thing of ISIS and the war against it and the war for it, is a failure f the Islamic societies in the Arab world. It is a result of education of clans and tribes, that we continued to breed ourselves with in our education and culture, and what we experience today is nothing but a consequence of that.
It is a total failure of everything. Societies, governments, culture, and of course politics.
We are watching killing in its most brutal ways, and we continue to defend or condemn in accordance to who the victim is. Along our side or the other side.
The fact that ISIS formed a consensus of hate on one side and support from the other side, and a total forgetting that the real enemy to the Arab world is the Israeli occupation makes the situation more of absurd.
The only reality that we need to face is changing our deeply built concepts of lies and illusions of an education that is filled with half lies and half inventions of illusions that deepen tribal thinking and keep us backwards.
ISIS is nothing but a reflection of the ugly truth that we all with no exception participated in creating

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