When the Egyptian physician and writer Nawal Sa’dawy wrote about women issues in relation with Islamic patriarchal controlled societies in the last 40 years, she was accused of blasphemy, craziness, and infidelity that led to physical threats for killing and expulsion. Until this day, Nawal Sa’dawy name is treated among Muslims as Salman Rushdie’s with his Satanic Verses.
For years, Nawal was a forbidden name, and still is. As with many issues related to “sharia” and what is supposedly written and scripted in the Quran and the Hadith, the mere mentioning of Nawal’s facts of what is really mentioned or not mentioned in the Quran still arouses ignorant debates among Muslims.
I always admired Nawal Sa’dawi for being a woman who really decided to fight her battle from within. She remains to be a phenomenal freedom fighter for women, who insisted on her beliefs within the strictest environments ever.

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