the aftermath of the Israeli elections and the Zionist dream

The aftermath of the Israeli Elections

Netanyahu’s winning is much of a surprise to everyone except to Netanyahu himself who insisted on being assured and assuring on his trust in the Israeli voters.
It does take real faith to do that.
After putting down all the odds and pros and digesting it all. One thing for me remains indigestible…. The rage and disappointment among the Israelis.
As if strangers voted for the man.
There is one sole reality in all what is taking place .it is not a new reality. But it is time that Israelis themselves wake up on who they are.
Netanyahu and his co are what Israel is. He is not an invention that just entered the Israeli structure.
His re-election was not a random choice. A mistake. Or a miscalculation.
The Israeli public is just becoming like us Palestinians. But of course we have them (the occupation) to use as a real and more eligible alibi to our failures and mis-doings. But for them. Whom do they use to blame?
With all the disappointments of the current situation. One thing is truly good. Reality. Reality of the situation. Reality of the choices of people.
The inner part of me always wanted Netanyahu to stay. Even though the vengeful envious part wanted him to witness his downfall and embarrassment as he is defeated. But I think, and truly do think, that Netanyahu is the best thing that is happening to us Palestinians. He is a reflection of a real Israel. He lies publically and he is also clear and direct in his ruthlessness, bluntness and rudeness. I truly respect him for all that.
Luckily, of course. I am not an Israeli. Because I strongly believe that Netanyahu is definitely a start of the fall of Israel. His arrogance, narcissism and brutality mixed with racism are the perfect recipe for the end. But how much do Israelis see this. Apparently, not much. Because they voted for him.
The reality in what happened is that Israeli public prefers racism and enjoys it. The killing of innocents never bothers them, as long they are not theirs. Their security comes first. Their fear is what they feed on and what Netanyahu promised to keep insecure. The promise of a biblical myth of a jewish state is what the Israeli public secretly and publicly desire …. A hint that reminds me of ISIS and the Islamic dream of the Caliphate …. Similarities in this part of the world have no boundaries except that of names ….
There is nothing more to be said. Israelis chose their Israel to be an apartheid state, and this is a reality from the beginning. Now it is only being unveiled.

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