it is not just another video ….

My daughter sent me this video to ask me about one person inside that looked like my cousin . I opened it and thought how all Palestinian men kind of look the same when they are screaming . how the same scene keeps repeating itself with different faces that becomes hard to distinguish at some point . A Palestinian mass screaming against an israeli something mass, it could be israelis dressed as police ,as soldiers , as undercover arabists , whatever .. only faces are different and recognisable if you look well, and if unluckily faces become too familiar ….
The video became more and more familiar the more the moments in it passed . the location , the young man , the older man , the other men , each one of the so many faces were so familiar . they were not just people. not just faces of a reflected reality that we hardly distinguish its reality from illusion . it was family . I was watching wit ha continuous growing pain and itch . looking at my cousin and his son being beaten by those creatures. the voice of my cousin facing his way to get their hands from his suddenly wounded son . my uncle helplessly aimlessly trying to figure out what could be done to his thrown on the ground grandson and son .my cousins and uncles in the scenery being pushed and beaten …
Another day , inside a life of an oppression that calls itself democratic and humane…
the misery of such a life of an enclaved oppression that is closely becoming another watched image of a victim that is You ….

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