the Israeli new government.. the real face of Israel

Two days of shocking government formations and elections result in a row. Of course, what can a Palestinian complaining about a lucky strike that may occur every decade of elections? Of course it leaves a disturbing Palestinian like me enjoying popcorn relaxed in front of the screen of a finished movie as the names slip down.

Britain woke up shocked on a majority of conservatives winning the elections. All those Palestinian sympathizers and Israel critics are practically kicked out. As if the marches that took over London and England last summer was nothing but a summer storm.

Of course, who cares about Palestine here? But as the world is becoming a big village. We Palestinians remain on the sidewalks of the globe waiting for a plot in that village.

My imagination it starting to float from one image of hallucinating ideas to another. Before I take the world into a disco, I should focus on what i am supposed to be writing about.

Britain’s elections are Britain elections. But Israeli new government is also Israeli business. Why am I supposed to bug myself into this?

Actually there are two reasons. A people with only a dream of an idea of an elections in their own region or whatever they have or are like me, can enjoy watching other people’s elections and look from outside as a wise observer.

And the other reason, well. The whole world bugs itself in our issues. On top of them Israel. So why not enjoy talking about Israel newly formed government …

God. I am becoming cynical!!!

So Netanyahu announces the birth of his new government yesterday, hardly with the minimum seats to form a government (61 seats). This will make it the weakest government formed ever. In any case forming a government with minimum required seats is a hard thing to keep. What if half of those seats were all part of what seems like a farce. Comprised of people who are there for immediate shares bunch of greedy mouths waiting to take as much as possible. Netanyahu fell out of the trap of Lieberman to jump in the mouth of Bennett. From one corrupt extremist to another. Israel will have a minister of justice who publically called for Palestinians slaughters. A head of a party, Bennett, who for him, securing the Prawer plan seems as another personal revenge. The Israeli government formation seemed like an Arabian meal. A big fat slaughtered lamb or maybe camel with many hands racing to chop it in their mouths. I never imagined I would see the day, when Israel behaves like a Saudi clan. A Lawrence negotiating with Bedouin clans on the new Middle East map. I am grateful I lived to this day.

As much as it is great to see Lieberman leaving with the best slap Netanyahu has given to him. Even though he thought that he will ruin the formation by leaving. The fact that someone like Lieberman who is still there after all his corruption files is by itself a farce. Ok. Here again, my Palestinian side comes out. He actually reminds me of the Palestinian parliament member who was the head of the parliament and became president in the only real transition time after the death of Arafat. Fattouh, who was caught by the Israelis on the border from Jordan smuggling mobiles. The man is also still there, serving and sometimes appearing on TV giving the population advices on good governance and of course on how bad Hamas is.

Anyway, we are not talking Palestine here. This is a great moment to discuss Israel freely.

Netanyahu proved again that it is all about Netanyahu’s own ego and pride. Israel seemed to become for once all about him and for him. Scenery that made all Israel look hijacked by a one man’s show fanatic. Which is of course good for us Palestinians.

Well, I think as a Palestinian, this is the best Israel can do. This is the true face of Israel. It is no more disguised by the well-spoken, nice negotiating mediating leftists or centralists. Netanyahu in this show is actually a leftist. He is definitely fulfilling a dream of his, in feeling like a pigeon not a hawk.

What makes me fascinated, as the case is with the British elections? That people are surprised. At the end elections are a true reflection of people’s votes. It is a true choice of people. If people really didn’t want such leaders, the polls were the chance. But yet, people said their words. It doesn’t matter how the voting took place, if the voters were bought, whatever…

At the end, all those who complain, are either nothing but a real minority, or they do nothing except talk… like me.

There is something going on in the other side of the globe, as much as Islamic fanaticism is rising, but in the form of beards and medieval garments. Well actually in the Israelis side, it is getting close. It is true that Netanyahu is the foreign appeal to Israel (so he believes) and that Shaked is gorgeous despite being definitely a fascist descendant. But at least one third of his government will be as appealing as Al Baghdadi is appealing to al Qaida. It is one moment in the history of this land, when we will witness a common hijacking, both Palestinians and Israelis by one fanatic government.

For us Palestinians, the worse cannot get worse. But for Israelis who live in the so-called bubble of secularism and democracy. This is the beginning of experiencing the worse.

And they blamed us for choosing Hamas once!!! Of course under the claim of women’s rights and such. Lets see how Israel in its new dress of an ultra orthodox fundamentalist racist outfit designed by a fanatic will work itself out …

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