THE moment

It is a moment with unexpected emotional explosion . I thought that there are moments that become a habit .Just another moment for another special occasion.

It’s quite otherwise … To just find myself sitting before even anything started . Not that moment when you see your young  man entering that pathway out of his childhood and school hood inside the world of adulthood.
A moment when memories start flooding uninvited , unwanted , unwelcomed , and mostly unplanned .
Suddenly each and every single memory start racing through that hall . Erasing all but their only and very existence . It’s their moment of refreshing . A long long moment of memories opening a river of tears and unstoppable memories of every instance of your now standing child … A man . Memories of all beaten and dancing moments of successes and failures . Of expectations and aspirations. Of dreams fulfilled and others still waiting to find their way ..
Achievements what took place and didn’t ..
Failures of what happened and didn’t ..

A moment my little boy exited school years, childhood … into adulthood as a man opening his arms and his spirit pointing towards the future…….. that unexpected moment of unique joy and gratitude for life to its so many gifts, each called children .

THE moment of my son’s graduation from high school…


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