Another day in the Palestinian self defeat

I am wondering about the term I should use. Is it defeat or self-destruction?

A slap given to the Palestinian people by their own authority this time under the name of sports. After months of mobilizing to a “huge” file that will incriminate Israel and prove all its violations and crimes against Palestinian sports. Demonstrations with red cards rose for the request to suspend Israel’s membership to the FIFA spread over the PA region. People were hopeful, that there maybe justice in sports.and platter is a real supported so far…

What we didn’t realize is that there might be justice in sport that we will not live to see. But what surely exists is the state of Palestinian defeat. Of course we as people are not entitled to know what took place, after mobilizing us for months for this cause, and is if destiny insist to repeat itself. Or to be more accurate. We never seem to learn form our mistakes. It cannot be destiny. But of course we are Palestinians and we can blame destiny for our misery.

Goldstone, ICC, UNSC, from one humiliating withdrawal to another … this what marks our foreign international genius strategy.

Today was multiple effects of disastrous defeats …

The way the photos even talk about it is embarrassing.

We started the day with Rjub handing the red card in a revolutionary speech in front of the FIFA

Later two girls entered and disturbed Blatter’s speech with a Palestinian flag

And then they close the doors and voila…

Palestine withdraws with a decision to make a committee that will ask Israel to ease the movements on sport.

And if this wasn’t shocking enough.

Rjoub comes out again to press. As loud as he usually is and declares to the world: Palestine voice will go definitely to prince Ali “.

And ooooooops, an hour later, prince Ali steps down …

But nothing can stand infront a Palestinian might …

The final photo was with Rjoub cheering and celebrating and giving a sword to Blatter congratulating him …

Seriously …

Nothing to be said anymore.

Shameful people … that continue to embarrass us as people and as a cause. . And they shamelessly insist to talk on our behalf. And we shamelessly watch.

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