Armed resistance and peace.
It could look like an extreme , but iam questioning the concepts.
Why do we consider armed resistance as a component that defies peace.
Resistance is something that nations do in order to live in peace. Live a normal secure life.
In most cases in struggles in history , it was armed resistance the forced reconciliation .
It is true that there must be a differentiation between terror and resistance. How we define it. Are there morals of engagements in such cases.
We have been justifying suicide attacks, and maybe it is tie, toad,it the lack of morality in it .


One thought on “armed resistance and peace
  1. The Asian tradition, begun in Vietnam, by monks was to burn themselves. The Tibetans now do that, not only monks, young and old men and women. That kind of solitary suicide is most unnerving and threatening to oppressors. And non-violence can at times be effective, to a certain extent. But in India as in the US, problems of economic and racial injustice continue.

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