A millennia of (Muslim) Ignorance

A year passed since entering an ocean inside the knowledge of Islamic medieval civilization that was marked significantly with a renovated version of philosophy, mainly Greek. It wasn’t just about that astounding movement of translation and Arabisation and later islamization of ancient philosophy and adapting it into an Islamic identity. It was a hard work by itself to find ways into balancing between philosophy and Islam. However, what was significantly important, for a Muslim like me; the movement itself. The debates, the explorations, the critical review, the attempt to understand, criticize, adapt …

Admittedly, and with some serious feelings of shame, I felt proud as a Muslim. A serious feeling of pride, that was totally different from that that was preached over our heads as youngsters, about the greatness of Islam in its battles and conquests and the conversion from Jahiliyyeh (ignorance) to faith.


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