Pedagogy of Death

The murder of the Palestinian toddler “Ali” in burning as a result of arson set by settlers near Nablus brought to the Palestinian minds the burning of Mohammad Abu Khdeir last year.
As much as the murder of one person is no less important than another, it is the irredeemable loss that takes place that matters; one cannot deny that effect of such brutality in murders.
I admit that I was taken aback, by the Palestinian media’s mobilizing an exposure to the Israelis continued crimes against the Palestinian lives. Of course, it was important to succeed in exploiting it out. The crime was so ugly, it cannot be hidden. To have Netanyahu coming out immediately to condemn it explains the gravity of the committed crime. The fact that the burning of Mohammad Abu Khdeir last year, resulted in an unexpected explosion in Jerusalem and around, should as well have been in Netanyahu’s mind and his government’s as well.
What happened yesterday reminded me of the K.K.K.’s assaults and terror attacks on the African Americans in America in the twentieth century. Whatever is growing and definitely taking place is a different level of confrontation in the Israeli build up. The settlers are serving like hired outlawed gangs we are witnessing in the Middle East and Africa, under the name of Islam. The resemblance between Da’esh per say and Settlers is just getting closer to understanding. It is closer to underline that fostering radicalism results in terror; no matter how you define it and which religion you tailor around it. As much as we understand about those recruited by terrorist groups like Daesh, in providing opportunities in living within a criteria they aspire, for those who don’t have anything to do in life; the settlers have ben fostered into a tempting lifestyle with low cost living conditions and facilities and benefits that is not easy to resist. The more desperate people were, the more likely they joined. The more radical they were, the more opportunities they had. The whole development of the settlements within its different criteria’s took in calculations the fact that the more your enrooted inside Palestinian villages, the more radical you should be. The more radical you are, the more benefits you get. Until they got out of control.
It is no coincidence that arsons have been visibly increasing since the burning of Mohammad Abu Khdeir in Jerusalem last year. When the murderers were freed. When radicals were encouraged and went un-sentenced in the burning of mosques and churches. When Islamic and Christian graveyards are sabotaged and exhumed. When settlers attack Palestinian farmers in harvesting seasons and on daily basis like wild pigs (wild pigs are common animals that sabotage the fields in that area as well). It is no wonder that settlers become a radicalized machine that is ready to attack. It seems systematic how these people burst out into their hatred and racist based selves. Whatever is taking place is a pedagogy that preaches for the death of the others based on racist and ethnical ideologies supported by a seal of occupation.
Palestinians on the other side seem to nourish their politically dying cause on a pedagogy that embraces death, for some political gaining.
The outrage that took place on social media, seemed like a systemized social media pattern. I am not sure yet this is a new reality the social media is creating, or there is a more serious problem within the Palestinian reactions. Well, reactions is the only this that we seem able to do. And with social media, we are making a safe haven resisting, condemning, and hiding behind our personal screens. There is this state of isolation between the reality on the ground and that virtual one we are all creating as a replacement maybe to our realities. While everyone mobilized against the brutality of the killing, which was rightful, the declarations and announcement and calls from different people in the leadership level and the way the media exposed was as blindly radical as those criminal settlers. Calls for revenge, militarizing from one side, and waving with the ICC threat seemed outrageous. Calling what happened a massacre, inferiorating the reality of the happening. It was brutal enough, it didn’t need any exaggeration. Calling for militarizing people while the Palestinian security forces work as a seal in protecting Israeli security. The Palestinian leadership declaring that they will be following the settlers who committed this crime, while the only thing the Palestinian intelligence and police can do is track Palestinians. And worse, a president telling us, he will take them to the ICC for this. How much of a coincidence could it be that the Palestinian leadership is collectively agreeing that the people are stupid enough to buy any of this senseless empty threats and calls. The media participated ironically in the same way. Mobilizing for calls that cannot be achieved, and filling in newsfeeds with an assumed coming war of liberation that no one seems interested in anymore. The vows continued n the social media, and by the sunset, Ramallah became a city of celebrations. A fight between some people erupted in Jerusalem for nothing and caused a blockade and police interference. A new government was announced as if life is just waiting another day.
There is a real need in changing our mindsets in how we see things as people, in order not to allow our governments to continue to use us.
Netanyahu has been fostering hatred inside the Israeli society to a level where, that hatred is burning youth and children alive. Not realizing that he is creating a Jewish state of terror that is not any less radical and extreme than that he promotes against publically in the Islamic notions of terror movements.
Abbas is continuing to undermine the realization of the people of what is taking place, and still insist on marketing propaganda of peace to the Israeli people not to the Palestinians.
In both cases, one is promoting pedagogy of death of the other, and the other is promoting pedagogy of the value of their own death in continuing to get killed

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