Inside this static situation, it seems useless to reflect. As we are commemorating Oslo these days for a two-decade plus anniversary, an obvious realization amid the Palestinian street is that of anger and disappointment. As if Oslo is the reason behind the ongoing mess.
It is true that Oslo has never been the just accord for the Palestinian liberation, and thus, the Palestinian cause. It served however some aspects that defined the Palestinian being within an identity that became recognized.
Being a critical of the PA puts me in an immediate line with that which opposes Oslo. But somewhere we are standing on that cross road of a realization that Oslo is not the worse thing that happened. It is the PA that is the worse thing that happened.
So somehow it stands this way, originally, the pa as an outcome of Oslo was intended to be something good for us Palestinians. But today it is the pa that marks a main failure. Of course, one shouldn’t forget the most important aspect of Oslo, which the PA was its result as well, ending occupation.
With a total failure for the peace process, and a total failure of the Palestinian authority we are closing this circuit of two decades of Oslo.
We are standing after two decades with an accord \interim that has already expired some decade ago, with occupation that maximized its presence on the land and on the people.
An optimist would say we gained a state “number” in the United Nation and a rising flag. I have to admit that this gives me a soar feeling. I remember before those two decades when the UN was the place was Israeli violations were taking the panel of discussion and debate. Today we are fighting for a name that has no significance neither in a land nor in the people.
Two decades ago, people would ask who are the Israelis? Today people ask who are the Palestinians? Shortly the question will become what are the Palestinians?
Two decades ago it was a dream, an aspiration to raise the Palestinian flag. I remember when I was a student in the university and we were commemorating the independence day (15-11), I hanged a balloon with a red or green color on my car, and the soldiers were so mad they blew it up and they wanted to arrest me. Today the flag can rise in the UN and stand proudly for people who have torn that flag apart into a yellow and green faction flags. You rarely see a Palestinian flag standing still on its funeral, in celebrations, in official occasions. The flag became as symbolic as the land, overwhelmed with either a yellow or a green flag depending on the new zone of what defines Palestinian. West bank of Fateh or Gaza of Hamas.
A state of Palestine with no geographical boundaries. No sovereignty. With an apartheid wall that dignifies its borders and an occupation soldier that controls its boundaries.
How much is it of our own deeds that shapes our destiny as a nation. The Nakba marked the conspiracy of the world power. The Naqsa marked the conspiracy of the Arab leadership. And apparently, Oslo marked the conspiracy of the Palestinian leadership…
All against the simple dream of a land that was embedded in our minds and hearts as home. A land that marked our identities and hopes…. And yet. We continued as leaderships and today as people to commemorate. Again as another strike in the Palestinian failure to catch a dream of existence … in a normal way….

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