Pedagogy of killing : Fascism, Racism, Nazism or simply Zionism

The whole setup of emotions takes jumps into a different phase of paradox and despair with each new killing.

This killing machine that is assembled to shoot and kill with no mercy and no sense of humanity anymore.

As much as I am trying to rationalize the situation. To analyze it with some common sense. Each time those images of those young lives washed on the ground with their spilled blood with no shame in front of death, and those tears of mothers or fathers who just lost a child that will never grow anymore. A child that insist on keeping the final memory of childhood into an entry to eternity.

Those tears of loss that will never be regained. A loss that scars the existence of mothers and fathers forever. Tears that will never dry. Pain. The grief that will never be mend.

Did these young lost lives know that their loss would kill their mothers? Will shatter their hearts? Or their attempt to fight for what they believe is the defending of their dignity is that of their parents? Did they already decide to send their parents to the same sentencing they wanted to throw on their oppressor?

The situation within its eruption is no surprise to anyone. Everyone knew it was coming. No one knew how and when. The surprise continues to be in the fact that youngsters are taking charge of the consequence of the events. More surprisingly, no faction or group is organizing anything. It is all about this massive collective witnessing of injustice and racism that went too far, the young generation that doesn’t even know the difference between the Palestinian Authority and Palestine. It can only tell one thing. That this is a generation that doesn’t respect or trust its elders, including their parents.

I imagine this scene that takes place inside every single Palestinian house since at least last year. The images of killings. The young lives that are lost under what seems to be systematic. Mesmerized on TV or computer screens watching news where a colleague at school or college. A neighbor or someone you meet every day on the bus becomes a martyr or a terrorist in one single glimpse. The despair. A Strong feeling of injustice. Racism. The crime that underlines every single aspect of a Palestinian life makes life an unworthy place to be for these young people. Who lost hope in the leadership and the adult generation that put them in a bubble of a life that has nothing to do with healthy lives? A generation that is growing and watching within a click of a button or a touch of a screen of the world around it, a generation that views the despair of family members, the fear, the worries, the hopeless situation. No wonder they decide to become the heroes of their own situations.

Whenever my daughters ask me about what would I do if they become martyrs? I admit that I use my motherly begging emotions to make them believe that their loss is my end. I try to make their love to me the reason that makes them stay close and denounce such acts. But yet, it is not easy to rationalize with the mindsets of those youngsters. They are triggered by this sense of wanting to feel the freedom. They want to breathe freedom, exactly like teenagers thriving to let go of the parent’s shields.

And yet, the paradox continues to remain with the Israeli reactions. I firmly believe that this immersive use of violence against Palestinians and all those direct to kill shootings is not just a state of a response to fear. Even though I understand the concern. I also understand that holding a knife is not like holding a stone. But there is an open license to kill anyone who is suspicious. Some killings that have taken place in the last ten days only show that Israel definitely intends to continue the escalation. Because the more they kill, the more devastated these young people become.

Have their terror to the families also stopped those young people from trying to make a standpoint of resistance? Everyone knows how miserable their deaths would be on their families. The destruction, the imprisonment and all the racist procedures that are implored the day after. And yet, this is not stopping them.

Israel continues to use methods of force instead of methods of peace.

It is no coincidence that every Palestinian child has become an actual threat to Israeli lives stability. But is the Israeli government enjoying this? The more the brutality, the more is the reaction. And again, it is not a group that needs to organize. All that these people need is to watch the news. Make a tour of Facebook to make a decision for the next moment. No need to organize or tell or ask permission from anyone.

What is happening is a response to deep despair under an oppressive system within a weak authority.

These people are the same individuals who fill their Facebook and Instagrams of pictures full of life and dreams. They realize in an instant that real life is far from true freedom, and continuous oppression managed to pull the trigger in the permanent coercions on what is really holy in the hearts of Palestinians, and the new wave of public orders that strictly say: “ kill immediately upon suspicion.”

The demands would be as usual to ask for the oppressed to stop the violence. But whom do we call to stop now in this situation? Netanyahu’s explicit calls for the Palestinian Authority’s Abu Mazen cannot have any effect. Abu Mazen cannot do anything or his security formations. The parents cannot stop their children. Because no one knows who is the next Palestinian young man or woman. Girl or boy, who will be the next hero in his own images of reality,

The continuous images of killing in cold blood. In public executions. Watching kids bleed and avoid helping them is just another reason for another boy or girl to decide. Why wouldn’t I be next?

It is a pedagogy of killing that Israel insists on sustaining.

This video says it all. Fascism, Racism, Murder…. ( the boy is left bleeding while angry mob is cursing him in bad words, and the paramedics avoid touching him-him… ) did I say Nazism? 

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  1. For some reason the video was unavailable. Said it may no longer exist or I don’t have permission to view it. I keep you and yours in my prayers with the light of protection and safety. The lack of true compassionate leadership to stem the tide of youthful despair and confusion is so sad. Remind this, as hard as it seems these moments will pass. And we need them and their strength. Tell them to take to the media and tell the truth that is not being heard. Here it’s reported as “both sides escalating violence.” Rather than youth being murdered. I know my words may have no meaning. But violence is not a solution.

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