This morning started with horrific scenes of Israeli Arabist and soldiers invading a hospital in Hebron, killing one of the hospitalized injured (Abdullah Shalaldeh) and kidnaping another injured (Izzat Shalaldeh, his cousin)

This is a level of cruelty that is exceeding what can describe it. I keep asking myself. Is this a new face we are seeing of the occupation? Or has it always been the same. It is just social media exposing it.

The Nakba after all wasn’t just a massive exodus of a population that was just fearful. It was undoubtly beyond what the world captured in Deir Yasin, and later in Kafr Qasem and Sabra and Shatilla, Qana, Jenin and. …And Gaza.

The brutality of this system is criminal, savagely and by all means barbaric.

Two stressing issues are coming out of this continuous barbaric Nazi behavior, that israle doesn’t seem willing to stop, on the opposite, is only insisting on continuing.

The first is within the Israeli public that really needs to wake up on this cruelty. So far, Palestinians separate their thinking between a soldier, a settler and a regular person. At some point the amount of devastation will deteriorate where no distinction can take place. Would anyone blame us? Of course… would we care? Of course not.

I have been involved in a discussion yesterday with a group of Israelis (leftists) and after the meeting someone kept debating with me the idea that violence brings violence. Which I totally agree with. And he wanted me (Palestinians) to stop reacting or acting upon that violence so that he (the good Israeli) can be able to defend me. Or to stand up for me.

We tried to imagine certain scenarios of how things take place. He could understand the feeling of devastation when a soldier lynch or hit or provokes, but he never got with me to the level what am I supposed to do with that.

I fully understand the feeling that is viral in the Israeli streets. I share it. Because I myself maybe a victim for the same threat, by an Israeli or an Arab who is angry.  But there is something that Israelis are not standing for. Genuinely. Because from one side they don’t want brutality that is experienced by their government. Or they just don’t want to see it. They thought it is all hidden behind the wall that was built to make them forget that Palestinians exist, and when needed they can use them for labor.

As long as the Israeli public who seriously see itself as humanist insist on not seeing the reality both ways. Nothing can change.

I fully agree that we Palestinians are the bigger losers here. But again, we live in an exodus of loss. An epic life made of loss. We are people when enchant after the killing of our children to compensate the pain of loss. Life is not just about living it with a breath a piece of bread or meat. It is about the meaning of life. And guess what. We have some senses about that.

The more brutality takes place instead of real tolerance to what is going on. A barbarian Palestinian will come out. Yes, we fit more the profile of a barbarian because we carry a stone or a knife. But this barbaric behavior is nothing but a simple act of the barbaric school of behavior that this government with all its apparatus of “Security” or “defense” does. The Israeli public can continue to believe that it is ok that their security and defense mean the murder and savagely acts against Palestinians. But this is not going to be for their sides.

The lone wolf Palestinian “terrorist” today is taking all shapes. From a child to a granny. Isn’t this ringing any bell?

The second issue is within the Palestinian public that needs to act upon the unprecedented state of humiliation the PA is causing to its people. An authority that doesn’t defend its people is not an authority that should exist.

When a Palestinian child is going out a liberator for his people. When youth stand with their stone against a fully armed apparatus of war. When injured people in public hospitals are kidnapped and assassinated inside the hospitals … this only means that this population has no leadership or representative.

It is time that the Palestinian authority leave…

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