Ashraf Fayyad :in the name of inequity .. (and a petition to sign)



I am not a great believer in the effect of petition signings, but yet, I sign whenever petitions are sent. Somehow it feels like the weakest possible act of all those screamers in us who seriously think or want to believe that things can change for better when we raise our voices.

Yet it remains a link to a hope that I again don’t actually believe in its affectivity. Probably like most things we try to do.

So here I am, sharing a petition that I signed and I want it to be signed and circulated, thinking that this is a case where this is a real hollow scream in the depth of being demeaned. We have reached a level of such ignominy and degradation to a level where I stopped realizing what is the separation line between populations and governments.

This is another example of how we are classified into races and colors and citizens of less or better chances for being worthy of living. And my rage at this dichotomous propagation inside me that jumps from people to governments and vice versa. It starts from the Palestinian people and end towards the world.

When the European cartoonist drew the mocking caricature of Mohammad (PHUB), the world turned upside down for the freedom of speech. The Charlie Hebdo attack made the world become Charlie.

The story of this Palestinian artist (Ashraf Fayyad)(the one the petition is circulated for) is another story in the long lists of basic human rights aggressions in Saudi Arabia in front of the eyes of the whole world and not a single word or action is done against it.  This man, is like others who went to their executions unnoticed or heard of under the rule of a country that violates the basics of humanity and no one brinks an eye. He was accused for 800 lashes because of a complaint was made from a Saudi man to the committee of the promotion of virtue and prevention of vice that he was cursing God. He has been kept in prison until a final court decision was made, and they accused him with heresy and he is sentenced to death penalty.

It is not a question of how Islam is defined or what is Islam. This has been the culture of this nation in abusing the Muslim word since its creation under the name of Islam with the stamp of the Ka’ba as it’s permit to decide what is Islam, inked with the black oil that is suffocating our existence. These people have long decided a god of their creation based on their ignorance and patriarchal tribal backwardness whereas no one is tricked anymore that it is the oil and their money that makes them in power.

Since the invasion on Yemen, no one doubts the Saudi direct involvement in supplying extremist terrorist groups starting form Qaida and reaching Da’esh. The brutality we are watching in Dinesh’s crimes and the whole world is freaking out horrified with the savagely criminal acts and denouncing it from all direction. And yet, leaving Saudi Arabia to commit similar crimes under the name of law.

This is an example of the hypocrisy of the world, people and governments, who all bow down for the Saudi oil and money, and their crimes go unmentioned and with no accountability from any side. Saudi Arabia is actually the closed red zone of the production of extremism and terror, and yet, the U.S supplies them with billions of dollars worth of arms, and the French and others crawl to cut deals to sell them more and more weapons in billions. And then, the U.S. and the west wonder about the financing of terror in the neighboring country by those groups that are produced and probably trained by the western manufacturing weapon companies and security expertise.

My rage today is not just because he is a Palestinian. A Palestinian is not more worthy of life than all those victims of this inequity and oppression of a regime. But my rage as a Palestinian is on the Palestinian leadership that is as usual silent in each moment we need to hear its voice.

It was just a few weeks ago, that the whole Palestinian street has been mobilized against the Saudis for not agreeing to play in Palestine a football game under the FIFA. I have to confess this was one good statement by the Saudis, saying they didn’t want to be accused of normalization with Israel in front of the public. As if the public doesn’t know about all the normalization that is taking place. But whatever it was, I personally respected their position, and i believe it was right. But the Palestinian football association under the power of the Fateh huge leader Rjoub insisted that it was either on the Palestinian ground or not. It became the struggle of Palestinian in that game. The whole Saudi connection was swinging because of that. Many Palestinians forgot that Israel is playing football on us on the ground of Palestine and decided that the game was the game of our pride, dignity and victory.

For a football match Palestinian power game managed to take the headlines among the massive killings we are living for the last months. And upon the conviction of this man, event he Palestinian news outlets didn’t even mention it until it was published in Haaretz. As usual, it grasped the Palestinian media’s attention when the Israeli media mentioned it. Luckily this happened, so that the Palestinian media can make a move. But the Palestinian leadership is hushed as if it is just another normal day in green historic Palestine. The residence and the muqata’a can overlook the historical scenery of Palestine, could it be the reason why the president and his people don’t really get the reality of this situation? They live in the higher floors of their assigned thrones and think life is just a normal place and the difference between Palestinian living and Swiss living is with the continents?

If this man was an American, or a Russian, or a Japanese or an Israeli… Abbas would have intervened directly to his release. But he is a Palestinian. It is Saudi internal affair, and our president is a man that believes in the separation of power of the others.  Israel has been fighting for its spy for the last thirty years, not missing any opportunity to make his release a condition for anything that is possible. The Israeli spies in Egypt, who were actually Arabs, were taken as a first priority by Israeli governments. Proving again a d again to us that their citizen not only matters, but a top priority. Our leadership can only sacrifice the people for their own stumping over benefits and leaves us as usual like orphans this time in the lands outside this occupied land…

This is why … this Palestinian man needs our support … even in a petition that will not do anything in changing the situation … but it will just add more to the failure of the Palestinian leadership not only in protecting its people in the territories that are supposedly ruled by them. But also outside. No internal. No external affairs that is worthy except for those who rule. To their own communication benefits and luxuries… and the world watches and pay.


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