the next movie should be named : ” the devil father”

Last month, a Saudi prince was detained in Beirut airport, in what has been described as the largest drug seizure in the history of Beirut airport. The prince was attempting to smuggle around two tons of Captagon pills (Captagon is the brand name for the amphetamine phenethylline, a synthetic stimulant) and some cocaine. The prince said that this was for his personal use of course, and somehow the story disappeared or the Saudi power intervention closed the issue at least in the media. The scandals of Saudi princes has been increasing in the last months, and this somehow wasn’t far from the latest scandal in the U.S where one Saudi prince was arrested after one of his maids accused him with different sexual abuse charges. So, it all looked as if it was another Saudi monarchal scandal.

Today haaretz’ had a new headline: “Breaking Bad: The Stimulant Drugs That Link ISIS and the Nazis”. Reading through, the first line that read: When an amphetamine called Captagon was discovered in the room of an ISIS suspect in Paris last week, it was just the latest in a long line of illegal drugs aiming to boost combatants.” my mind quickly went to the drug smuggling for the personal use of the Saudi prince.

Rumors didn’t exclude back then the possibility that the drug was not necessarily for the prince, but affiliated with Da’esh. Another incident happened in between, which was the sudden death of the son of the Emir of Dubai. Rumors also said that the man aside from being on drug, may have been killed in Yemen, and it wasn’t a heart attack.

I am aware that the son of the Emir’s death is not related to this issue except in two words: drugs and war. The involvement of these countries in the mess that is occurring in the Middle East is horrific. We are used to hear about children that are corrupt, spoilt, and spend their years around the world making scandals. To realize that these monarchies are a mixture of evil that is not restricted to the old generation but is spreading in their children, as a norm is what alerts me. As if we are watching a movie on organized crime and the Mafia.

Each day we are witnessing compelling proves that Saudi Arabia, being the spearhead of this vicious, evil, devilish spider web; more and more involvement in Da’esh’s created mess of destruction. As Da’esh maybe just a name, like al Qaida, Nusra, and others, it is no coincidence that these people are the poison in this area. Those who prepare the poison are sitting planning of course in the U.S and the west, maintaining that the status remains as eruptive and explosive as it is.

Each day passes, we realize it is not just about politics, geographical borders, Israel, interests … it is about two major beneficiaries who are controlling it all: drug and weapon industries. And money is available there on the borders of eruptions with oil

I wish I could have still seen this as the U.S control in the region and the benefits of Israel and the resources. We are living in a world that is controlled not by Zionist, Nazi, fascist minds, but with gangsters and criminals. It is all about drugs and weapons.

Well, we are living in a world that is controlled by drug and weapon dealers, orchestrated and perfectly managed by the U.S and others, and implemented in the Middle East by Saudi and Co. brokers.

Suddenly, I feel great sympathy with those Da’esh and other suicide attackers and killers. These people are not brain washed with religious fanaticism; their heads are simply stimulated with drugs…

Film industry has been promoting this for decades under the notion of the “God Father ” whereas , it has been always an adaptation of a real life crime that is practically the “Devil Father” .


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