3 thoughts on “قضية فلسطين اهم من المسجدوالكنيسة والتاريخ
  1. Nadia

    Though the translation lost some clarity, this still comes through as yet another fine, detailed analysis of complex matters…. Your reliance on reason to do so is clear, for which I rejoice….

    I’m afraid, according to my own atheism, I can only regard the historical relations between The Tribe of Judaism and the Muslims of Islam as yet more proof of humanity’s altogether illogical, and, unproven by any verifiable evidence, belief that a supernatural being is necessary in Reality, a belief which has caused divisiveness and Trouble for humans ever since it became a commonly accepted untruth..

    I’m not sure which ancient sage first said this, but, it has been repeated throughout the history of every culture in the world, for thousands of years….

    “Because many people believe a thing, does not mean that thing is true.”

    If humanity expects to ever learn about their own nature, and the nature of the True Universe, we must first begin to think, and reason, not base our entire lives and culture on what somebody has told us is true. ‘Ipse dixit’ is not proof of truth….

    As John Lennon so aptly put it… “Imagine….” If we DON’T learn to imagine ourselves as a peaceful species, we are, quite simply, doomed for extinction, for no animal on this planet can long live by killing its own species indiscriminately; we will be the victims of our own nature…

    The Palestinians, the Jews. the Hindus, the Catholics… They are all fighting over who has the biggest imaginary friend… What a waste of human potential!….

    “Science has made gods of us before we were even worthy of being men.”~~ Jean Rostand

    gigoid, the dubious


    • i entered with Nawal Saadawi (google if u don’t know) and Youssef Zeedan into this discussion. i totally agreed that the religion is used to manipulate our emotions and to control our lives. i don’t think there is much difference between people of religion and people of authority. they both work in a certain synergy to gain power and to control people. but yet , people are vulnerable… and this is a long way to change mindsets. that is why the idea of God remains important i believe. the problem is not in the idea of God. it is in the idea of what we are told God wants .

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