history refuses to write a new line in the Palestinian Incoherences.. A year in year out….


Tahfut(incoherence of ) il- government : A unity government.

It could be a sign of a total pessimism that I didn’t believe that a unity government could be formed. The fact that a government was formed doesn’t also change my distrusting attitude. At the same time it still doesn’t mean much. At the end what was formed is another government that includes a few more people who are residing Gaza.

The fraction of the past years, has also fractioned our geographic and urban senses as well as the physical separation. I cannot visualize how a minister in Gaza can run a ministry from Ramallah or vice versa. In the structure of ministries we have, I cannot imagine a minister who is not a pure Fateh residing Ramallah with direct connection to the President can manage any ministry.

I cannot make any sensibility of why one man is handling three…

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