Incoherence of blindness… extremism

The incoherence of blindness… extremism

Amid the race behind blood…

A state of madness is taking over the scene.

It is fanatically crazy. I don’t know where we are heading.

Everything is so mixed, we cannot differentiate anymore. Our extremism and theirs. Them and us.

What happened on the Greek airlines with the Arab passengers and the mad Israeli mass was by all means not different than the madness in opposing the Dabkeh in Bir Zeit University.

For the first instant. One would think… what? What are you talking about?

But if we just give ourselves a passing breath of air we will realize that we are all driven by the same panic. A fear of something dark that will overwhelm our existence if we let go. We seem to protect ourselves with this shield of fear.

To arrive a level of radical extremism that cannot but defined by “apartheid” and “racism” in the scene that took place in the airplane. Brought to people’s minds those old days of black and white. To get to a level where an Israeli is shocked with a panic attack at the scene of an Arab is both ridiculous and scary. I don’t think they exaggerated. They are frightened. It is likely that someone ignited all that emotional outrage. But the fact that everyone followed says a lot about the fear that was taking over the scene.

The same thing happened with the Dabkeh. When a Dabkeh becomes a threat to heritage when it is strict part of it, and a moving figure of a woman inside the stomping legs of this dance becomes pornographic. Something horrible is taking place.

A fear of losing control on the extremity of the situation.

The madness that is endangering the street. Both within the Palestinian society and the Israeli society is a natural outcome of the “dash” thinking that has been fostered in the last few years.

I think we already agree today, that Daesh has nothing to do with Islam as a teaching. I hope that we already know as well, that, the notions and terms that can be taken from one book can be taken from another. Promoting violence and hate is not hard after all within the text itself… all texts …

The whole idea of Daesh is promoting fanatic thinking. Extremism. Fostering hatred to anyone who is not “we.” Implanting fear as the roots of survival. Fear of the attack that is awaiting us from the other.

We are all joining this mass madness. Not allowing ration to lead us.

We Palestinians are celebrating our deaths. We are filling our thirst for the blood of our youngsters, not realizing that it is the loss we are applauding. We stopped rationalizing between the songs of joy and songs of funerals. We actually commemorated our joy in death.

The Israelis are walking like humans in the land of Zombies. We are all the zombies that want to suck the blood out of their lives. Thye doesn’t realize that we are firmly believe they are the vampires of a darker hollow past incarnated in the suits of liberal generations of men.

In Hebron to a man is shot in the head in the middle of a road on a busy, sunny day of winter. Cars pass by. A man lying dead on the ground. It was another Palestinian that killed him… ok.

If it were an Israeli, we would have declared their savage behavior to the world. To realize later, we are still living a clannish environment that didn’t recover from its medieval centuries of revenge. A total absence of the rule of law. What happened to all those investments in empowerment programs and the rule of law? Where is the government? Where are the assigned people aside from the ranks they all fight savagely to get?

No one can stop the flow of revenge that started among the rival families. Shortly after, a video appeared with a young man from the dead family abducting another young man from the killer family savagely torturing him. It was like those videos we have seen in Syria under Daesh or the military or whoever. I never believed those were true. And suddenly it was here….

People…. What happened to the intifada? The murders of the innocents by the Israelis? How fast did that pistol appear? How come there are armed people there? Who are those armed people? Why don’t they use it against the Israelis then?

Suddenly Israel and occupation disappeared. Those two families put the country under stake of fire. A fire was much more vicious than that of occupation. The University of Hebron was closed. Streets. Shops. The president himself won’t dare to open his mouth.

And then, Israel wanted to prove the controversy, and they shoot to death four Palestinian youth in one instant… and we start our rage against them again. How criminal they are … savages…

It is true.


The chaos of murder and crime that took place the moment before is much more dangerous. It is much more threatening to our lives than occupation itself…

It is the madness of the mass. The clans.

A Palestinian in Ara (north Israel-the triangle area) is the attacker of last week in Tel Aviv. Another controversy of being. A shock in the Israeli street. In the Palestinian society inside Israel. Approval on the other bank of this national and. We look for heroes in martyrs and saints to be. And here we found one.

His father calls the police. His father is a known collaborator or police\military something. Another controversy.

The Palestinian inside Israel ache for their Palestinian identity. But they don’t want to go to Palestine. They don’t want to become Palestine. They also cheer from their end to our heroic acts and martyrs. Thye wants more sacrifice. Like us.

But when this happened…. A state of panic occurred. Another split within the splatted fragmented society occurred.

What a mess.

The man was found yesterday after a haunt of a whole week. It was his father again who led to his son.

Did he sacrifice his son to Israel or did he just try to maneuver around his fear? He wanted fewer damages in the damaging situation. He was screaming and his family loud all week that this son is crazy and has mental problems. He was adapting to Israeli scenarios of such attacks. Israelis who kill Palestinians are always mentally disturbed.

They are …

And Palestinians are as well…

There is no regular human who can enjoy bloodshed. There is no average person that can go on his own legs to death.

But them and us.

And all those fanatics among them and us.

This madness needs to stop…


  1. Nadia,

    As can be expected, this is not merely another example of your excellent analysis of complexity, but, the kindness and compassion of a true human is the clear motivation for all you have written….

    And, you are right, the madness needs to stop…. Sadly, the cure for it is the end of ignorance, which people seem to cling to as if they would die by learning anything new, or different than what they have always believed.

    Words such as yours can only help; the voice of reason, spoken with love of humanity, shines a light wherever it encounters darkness….

    Be safe, sister… the world needs such light as you bring….


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