Do I love you?

You ask.

I have no clue …

I say.

But… you have brought happiness to my heart

A breeze into my soul

You are what I think of each passing moment

I smile to you in my absent thoughts

I converse with you in my mind

I look at you in my passing memories

Of a blank existence that seems only to refresh images of you

Your smiling eyes

Your dancing hearts

Are somewhere in front of my eyes

Day and night

Do I love you?

I ask…

I just know you have become an integral part of what I am

Your heart beats are felt in mine

I feel your blood running through my veins

I just feel you there

Inside a nostalgic state of an awaited feeling

Should be called love…

Maybe it is love

It is one sure thing you …

That I feel all this to …

One thought on “Do I love you
  1. Beautiful….in any language.


    Liked by 1 person

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