I found myself forced to do this horrible mission of going to the ministry of interior in Jerusalem. Of course, it is in East Jerusalem. When it comes to services east and west part as well as terminology becomes vital. The unification term becomes a pure fragmentation, segregation, And humiliation. I was cursing my daughter for making me go through this from the early morning hours. I was faced with a long line that reached the beginning of the gate of this ghetto. Taking into consideration, we are celebrating women’s day; I could not miss out the do many messages that were around. Veiled women. Crowds of women.More veils in all ages and styles. Stirring women. Pushing women. Screaming women. Disabled women. All women are trying to force Inside to speed the entrance to a ghetto like compound controlled by two screaming in Hebrew soldiers to the nonspeaking in Hebrew women.

Oppression can be a systematic tool of dehumanizing. These soldiers are standing there enjoying every developed trait of sadism and applying it on the crowd. Somebody trained him this is a herd. At some point the herd, the group unify with the feeling and become part of this system. Behaving like animals that gradually explode their suppressed wildness into tamed herd of obedient sheep.

At the moment there is a unified feeling of rage that internalizes against all. The oppressor and the oppressed. The mean soldier keeps awakening my sensations of organizing my rage with each scream he makes. “Stand in two rows so that I can see the gate.”

Rage, anger, anxiety, disgust … From all .. Women and soldiers … I want to leave this place of a making hell… I could kill my daughter for making me go through this … Who needs to travel…

3 thoughts on “Pedagogy of occupation
  1. Reblogged this on Ned Hamson's Second Line View of the News and commented:
    The daily elements of oppression must be so grating at times that the fuse must be lit over the smallest indignity – arrrgh!

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  2. Rage!
    Make’s you want to kill….

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