falling in love is fun … staying in love is hard work… keeping love is a mission close to impossible…

4 thoughts on “on love
  1. Deep wisdom in your words, milady…. It certainly echoes my own experience….

    May love reside in your house always….


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  2. ‘Marriage is an ordeal; it means yielding,time and time again.That is why it is a sacrament: you give up your personal simplicity to participate in a relationship. And when you are giving, you are not to the other person:you are giving to the relationship.And if you realize that you are in a relationship just as the other person is,then it becomes life building,a life fostering and enriching experience,not an impoverishment because you are giving to somebody else.This is the challenge of marriage. Each helping each other to flower’
    No standard archetypes allowed!
    Good luck..

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  3. Dear Nadiya,

    How are you doing?

    Can you send me your post from a couple months ago on falling in love? I thought it was really great and wanted to read it again.

    From just outside Brussels, Michael

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    • As we fall in love … Something within our rationality falls with that fall . We become stupid, ridiculous and demanding for the impossible. We enjoy the simplest moves and we get devastated by the simplest unintentional behaviors. We become
      generous and yet we get obsessive . Our expectations rise and our limitations become invisible , but our capacity remains limited .. As we remain just humans .


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