A trauma of being
Could it be just this trauma of a certain experience that keeps dragging me back to what seems like a whirlpool? It seems now like a life of this very same life that keeps taking me back and forth in a Knocking out situation .
Simple things traumatize me from a mouse to an ugly spirited and faced woman . From a soldier to any Macho behaving man.
Coming as far as nigeria . I was somehow trying to escape the stress I was living for the last six months , just to find myself trapped in a worse situation. No matter how I try to stay distant myself from the mess that surrounds the situation , I just found myself day by day becoming part of it.
I came here somehow searching some peace from people who are oppressed in many ways like me …

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3 thoughts on “A trauma of Being
  1. I see you have been busy today…as always a joy to read, my friend…..chuq

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